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The Wall (Vandhoo Kanuoli)


Distance: 40 minutes
Very nice reef with beautiful coral growth. The edge of the reef starts at about 10 m, afterwards there is a drop off with caves from 10 m to 60 m and more. This impressive reef wall is covered with yellow and pink soft corals (these are special for this reef, beside the also otherwise impressive scenery) as well as big fan corals.
There are lots of fishes on this reef, represented by big napoleons, eagle rays, turtles on the reef top and at the edge, up to 2-m-gigantic tunas and schools of snappers. In the summer this is one of the Manta-Points where you can spend time with these beautiful animals.
Current: low - medium
Depth: 5 – 60 m
Difficulty: Easy – medium - difficult
Vandhoo TheWall

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