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The South Ari Atoll is next to the South Male Atoll one of the most beautiful atolls of the Maldives. The approached dive spots are accordingly unbelievable. Nowhere is there a similar growth of fan corals, soft corals and much more. Let yourself be inspired by this pristine underwater world and look forward to turtles, Napoleons, Mantas, Guitar- Norse- and much more -sharks & Co. We have Whale Sharks in the South Ari Atoll all year round. If you book 6 days non-limit if you do not see a whale shark you will get another day of non-limit diving for free !!!

Our 6 top Spots:

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Kuda Rah Tila

Kuda Rah Thila

Distance: max. 10 minutes
Small Tilha, which decayed centuries ago and has now formed beautiful canyons and tunnels in the reef. The Tilla is characterized by its enormous abundance of fish and coral growth (soft and hard as well as fan corals). An ever-present large number of yellow blue-striped -& humpback snappers accompany every dive on this reef. Gray reef sharks, white tip reef sharks, big stingrays and big napoleons give another deep insight into the underwater world of the Maldives, which is incomparably beautiful to admire at this top dive spot. Fusiliers, glass fish, perches, eagle rays, moray eels and Emperor Emperor fish complete the overall picture of this outstanding dive site.
Current: low - strong
Depth: 12 – 35 m
Difficulty: medium - hard

kura rah thila

Five Rocks

Five Rocks

Distance: 40 minutes
Very beautiful reef with strong coral growth, top reef is at about 14 m, Characteristic are the numerous overhangs and caves from 10 m to 30 m and more. At the impressive breakthroughs and small canals are yellow and pink soft corals (this is a peculiarity of this reef, in addition to the otherwise impressive scenery) and many large gorgonian colonies. The strong fish wealth is characterized by large singles of old Barakudas, Napoleon, eagle rays, turtles on the reef top and the 5 beautiful blocks that gave the reef its name. A must dive in Maldives.
Current: low - medium
Depth: 12 – 30 m
Difficulty: Easy – medium - difficult

five rocks

Seventh Heaven

Seventh heaven

Distance: 30 minutes
Very large and very beautiful reef with very strong coral growth, reef edge is about 10m, then flat sloping with overhangs in the range of 20 to 30 m and more. Thila is overgrown with mixed soft corals and gorgonia. One often encounters at this dive site great Napoleon, eagle rays, turtles, big Tunas. Swarms of snappers, schools of bannerfish, fusiliers and groupers. This is the only known place where you can find blue spotted Sting rays. Another Thila in South Ari where you could spend hours.
Current: low - middle
Depth: 10 – 30 m
Difficulty: Easy – medium

seventh heaven

Kudima Wreck

Kudima Wreck

Distance: 35 minutes
The MV Kudima is a 52m long cargo ship. Lying on a 30m sandy bottom, parallel to the north housereef or the island Machaafushi. Sunk in March 1999. The hull of the ship is perforated and bears entrances and exits at both sides or the cargo. At the stern of it, a narrow passage leads swim through from the port side to the starboard. The wrech offers good coral colonization and a large variety of species as leef- and Frog fishes are very often spoted. As well stingrays and nurce Sharcs are resting under the hull of the wreck.
Current: low - middle
Depth: 5 – 45 m
Difficulty step: Easy - medium


Dhidhoo Finolhu Beyru

Dhidhoo Finolhu Beyru

Protected Area of Maldives

Distance: 50 minutes
The top reef presents a plateau encrusted in stunning table corals at 4 – 10m Then the reef slopes down to around 35m. The reef is coated in contrasting blocks and coral formations. Known as a very good location for spotting the biggest fish on earth the Wale shark. This Dive Site presents a fine atmosphere and a good chance to spot species other than Whale Sharks as well, here everything is possible.
Current: low
Depth: 5 – 35 m
Difficulty step: Easy - medium

dhidhoo finolhu

The House reef

The House reef

At the house reef

The house reef with direct entry from our dive center is very rich in fish and is very close to the island, it was like so many other reefs also affected by the coral bleaching.
Since 2016 they started a project on the house reef a coral farming station with very good success. We are taking very well care of the same and the coral growth is very fast and very nice to see. It is a nice reef for some dives and especially for night dives very well suited. White- and black tip sharks, as well as stingrays, eagle rays and very much schools of fishes complete the whole picture of our housereef. It is also very good for snorkeling as it is very close to the island.

With our new Seabob a very nice dive where you can dive the island from the diving center to the other side of the island. Bottles and scooter service organize our staff.

Because of the currents please agree with the base.


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