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Divepoint Guraidhoo

Divepoint Guraidhoo

The Dive Center

Our dive center on Guraidhoo is located directly on the harbor with short distances to the daily boat trips.

After the check-in, we will make a tour through the Dive Center before the first boat dive. Our base, equipped with the latest equipment from Aqualung, is brand new and over an area of 180 square meters is enough space to sit down comfortably before and after the dives have a coffee or tea together.
We have 100 12 l Tanks with INT and DIN connections as well as enough 15l bottles. As well as 20, 5l bottles for the small ones and 30 10l bottles for the bigger ones.
We also have 30 complete rental equipment and rental cameras from Olympus.

Please don`t forget your logbook, brevet and a valid diving licence.
You can put your own equipment in the box you receive at the check-in.
This is stored in the equipment room, which will be locked overnight.

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THE Team

The Team

Always there for you

The dive center is organized by our longtime team with Hassan, Jerry, and Hameed they are with us since the last 10 Years and they are from Guraidhoo so they know this area better as anybody else.
The team speaks, Dhivehi, German, English and Italian.

We live our slogan, "Dive with friends" and look forward to seeing you.

Your Divepoint Guraidhoo team

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Dive Activities

Dive activities

According to our slogan "Dive with Friends" a friendly, unconstrained atmosphere and relaxed dives with a motivated and competent team is waiting for you.

Boat trips

Boat trips usually take place in the morning and in the afternoon.
In the morning, two dives are offered at two different dive sites. For meals on the island all divers are back on time. On request, we also organize full-day tours to more remote spectacular dive sites. For example to Felidhoo Atoll to Alimatha or South Ari to see the Wale sharks.

The dive sites of the South Male Atoll are, for beginners to advanced as drift divers, fantastically beautiful. We always choose the best possible place, depending on the current and experience of our divers. Whether Meedhu Faru, kandooma Thila or Guraidhoo Corner, turtles, great Napoleons, many Sharks, Dolphins or Mantas - there is everything to see here. Every dive always has something special here. In 10 minutes we are in the most spectacular channels of the Maldives. Our Manta Point is directly in front of our Dive Center about 10 minutes by boat.

Dive cources

We offer all current SSI courses for beginners and advanced Divers who would like to educate themselves further up to regularly ITC courses. Introductory dives are also possible any time.
You are examined very well; our experienced diving instructors accompany you on all your dives.
Should you still have no diving certification, you have the possibility to prepare already yourself comfortably at home very well.

Use the free on-line training of the diving association SSI and save with it precious holiday time. Simply click on the button and register yourself for online training.


Our rental equipment brands are Aqualung-and Mares Jackets (not integrated leads). Regulators from Aqualung diving computers from Suunto Aqualung and 3 mm Sorties. Fins, masks and snorkels are also available when required.
We dive with 12Ltrs aluminum tanks – DIN or INT connection. If requested according to availability 15-l tanks are also available.
Nitrox is possible for certificated divers. Also you can book with pleasure the Nitrox-Specialty with us.
On Guraidhoo we fill your tanks with regularly checked and inspected BAUER compressors and Nitrox compressor.




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