Tiger sharks deep south

Do you want to dive with Tiger Sharks, guaranteed ally year round? Well you have to come to Fuvahmulah!
What makes Fuvahmulah special is its location. Alone in the Indian Ocean and not within an atoll, there are no nearby neigh-boring islands and no shallower areas; here the coast and the high seas meet directly. On one hand, this means that the weather conditions play an important role, because due to the exposed position of the island, the waves are not slowed down but hit the island directly. Nevertheless, we have many dive sites around the island and always one side is in the shadow of the monsoon, so we decide depending on the weather. This is also the reason why we use the electronic emergency call and locating system ENOS on every dive. Because of the strong currents and the remoteness it is even more important to guarantee the safety of our divers and to be able to initiate rescue measures quickly in case of emergency.

On the other hand, this is exactly what makes Fuvahmulah unique and you can see big fish on (almost) every dive, mainly tiger sharks! It is the largest known population of tiger sharks in the world and the only known mating site of tiger sharks and thresher sharks. As well we have a good population of Grey reef sharks, Silvertips, Barracudas and some more big species the whole year around. Out of that you can find Wale sharks, Hammerheads, Mola Mola, Oceanic White tips and Oceanic Mantas.

“Let’s make a long story short , was amazing!” Meet these beautiful sharks face to face and let us know which kind of emotions have you felt.


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